Immigrant Rights Committee (IRC)

In the dawning twenty-first century, U.S. society has returned to its historic persecution of immigrants.  Following the “repatriation” campaigns of the 19th century and 1930’s, and 1954’s “Operation: Wetback, ”  U.S. law is again being deployed to strip people of their human rights, detain and deport us without regard for ou fundamental due process rights, and divide and terrorize immigrant families.

Now, as then, legal rights are subordinated to nativist racism against people deemed “foreign,” “Mexican” and imputed with an inherent criminality.  In such a moment, Latina/o lawyers we a special duty to the immigrant community.  Recognizing our duty, the East Bay La Raza Lawyers Association has established an Immigrant Rights Committee to reach out to the immigrant community and lend the distinctive aid of our organized legal education, social capital and access to the law.  (Statement of Purpose, 9/14/07)

To date, the EBLRLA – IRC has developed two substantive projects – conducting “Know your Immigrant Rights” workshops and joining the Oakland City Identification Card Coalition (OCICC).

To join the IRC, please contact the Immigrant Rights Committee Chair, Araceli Martínez-Olguín.

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